Welcome to Pets Philosophy! We understand how much you love your pet and we believe in bringing the best quality pet care services to you. Our philosophy on pet care is that we treat our customer’s pets as if our own!

Our top of the tier services include:

  • Grooming for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits
  • Dental Care
  • Day Care
  • Pet Boarding

Services and Facilities:

Pet Grooming

Here at Pets Philosophy, be rest assured that your fur babies are in good hands! Our groomers are well trained and patient in handling your precious pets. 

Doggie Spa

We specialise in Micro Bubble Baths that help get rid of impurities caked in your dog’s skin and encourages healthy skin recovery. 

Dental Care

Dental Care is very important but frequently neglected by most pet owners, resulting in teeth caked with tartar.

Fear not! Here at Pet Philosophy, we do dental cleaning the natural way without any general anaesthesia. 

Day Care

Our day care areas are spacious and air conditioned. Our staff will be there to attend to your fur baby’s every need!

CCTV facilities are available (with additional charges) if you would like live updates on what mischief your furry friend is up to!

Transportation company

We have a trusted third party vendor which deals with the transportation of pets. Price range from $20-50 depending on location.