Wash & Blow

Nail Trimming

Ear Cleaning

Basic Grooming

  • Wash & Blow
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming
  • Paw Pad Trimming

Full Grooming

  • Basic Grooming
  • Pattern Trimming

Dental Care

  • Brushing of Teeth
  • Dental Cleaning

Micro Bubble Spa

micro bubble spaMicro bubble spa is liken to the human version of an exfoliation, minus the harshness of the grains. The technology that creates the micro bubble produces bubbles so small that it penetrates pores and hair follicles that are usually 90 microns in size to removes dead skin cell, excess sebum and bacteria.

Due to the formation of micro bubbles, enormous amounts of negative ions are also produced which speeds up the skin’s recovery process and promotes overall well-being.

Micro bubbles removes dirt from the pores and because it is negatively charged, the impurities are dispersed and float up to the surface. Do not be surprised when you see a film of oil and dirt floating at the surface of the tub; that is merely just the micro bubbles at work!

Colour Dye

colour dye colour dye 2Groom your pet for special occasions and with an extra special creatively cut and dye design on your pet!

Want something special for Chinese New Year?

How about colour dye for his ears or tail red for a little more extra luck!

At Pets Philosophy, we use OPawz semi-permanent dog dye. It is 100% animal friendly, completely non-toxic and gentle on your pet’s coat.

Dental Care

2015-11-07 08.26.37 2015-11-07 08.26.42Dental care is very important hygiene maintenance but frequently neglected by most pet owners, resulting in teeth caked with tartar. Not only does it cause bad breath but in the long run, could affect your pet’s health.

We brush your pet’s teeth and provide dental cleaning with no general anaesthesia.